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Chantal Solomon interviews artists from diverse backgrounds to explore the benefits of being creative, as well as the unique hurdles, triumphs and influences they have experienced while cultivating their art practice.

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Lindsay Delaronde shares about staying true to her chosen path as an Indigenous Artist while navigating modern notions of artistry. She generously shares insights & cultural perspectives for creatives who are defining their own unique journey.  Click for show notes



Artist & Middle School teacher Simone Littledale Escobar reflects on the role art has played in supporting her in exploring the links between being inspired by her Columbian roots, resource extraction & self-care. Click here for show notes


Artist Cornelia Van Voorst shares how developing an art practice in her fifties helped her explore the benefits of art, in a world shaken up by the intergenerational trauma of war and colonialism. 

Click here for show notes

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