Heart Seeds offers a variety of nature-inspired products, community event partnerships & curriculum to encourage creative exploration into the natural world. Some of our favorite things to offer are workshops related to art & plant relationship development,  interactive art installations, and craft zones. We primarily operate in Victoria BC, though we often travel throughout Vancouver Island & beyond to collaborate with educators, community groups & event producers.

 Chantal Solomon's began to arrive in “British Columbia” in 1925 via Eastern Turtle Island, Europe & Africa. She roamed many mountains, gardens & coastlines with a curiosity for the old ways of the land which lead her to study special needs education, herbal medicine, visual arts, and meditation. Chantal loves to collect plants & other random materials to create something new and share her findings with the community.  Her art work has been exhibited at the Comox Valley Art Gallery, the Richmond Museum and The Courtenay District Museum & Archives.   Chantal is a creative facilitator and has worked with youth in various capacities including public & private schools k-12, summer camps, preschools & public events. Some of the ways of being that inspire her facilitation philosophy has been inspired by Metis culture, DIY, inquiry-based learning & Reggio Emilia.  She is currently inspired to create screen printed textiles & herbal medicine at The Ministry of Casual Living, Victoria, BC & the Waichay Studio, Courtenay, BC.  



2017 Solo art show, Mixed Media, Artist’s Spotlight Chantal Solomon, Cornerstone Taphouse, Courtenay, BC

2017 Group exhibition, Screen Print, Shared Histories A Canada-South Africa Co-production Public Screening Event and Exhibition, Courtenay Museum & Archives, Courtenay, BC

2016 Solo installation“Fairy Fort”, Diversity Music Festival, Texada Island, BC

2015 Group exhibition, Screen Print, Hands of the Next Generation, Comox Valley Art Gallery, Courtenay,BC

2013 Group screening, Film, Illuminate, Comox Valley Art Gallery, Courtenay, BC

2012 Group exhibition, Film, Local Food Showcase, Richmond Museum, Richmond, BC

Please contact her for collaborative happenings via info@heartseeds.org

Heart Seeds Creative is home to the makings & collaborations of Chantal Solomon

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