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Do you value self-inquiry, creative practice & nature-inspired living?
Are you looking for support in living a more nourishing lifestyle?
Around here, you will be encouraged to connect with yourself 
& tap into the bounty of natural health.
Our mission is to inspire life long curiosity, discovery & growth with
 Land-based Education, Medicine & Art.

Discover nourishing opportunities for adults & youth with

multiple barriers to explore self-care practices, art & culture. 
Experiences & products to encourage creative nature-based living.
Are you an artist who would like to attend a Residency with your family?
We are working towards a vision to fundraise the purchase of a property to create a family-friendly Artist & Horticulture Residency. Imagine a beautiful homestead with large gardens of food & medicine. Welcoming guests to replenish their connection with the land & their creative spark!
The mandate of this project is to support the artistic practice of folks with children who are needing a sabbatical from their current routine or are in the midst of transition.  Participants will be provided with accommodations, studio space, childcare & help create fresh meals from the land.
Artists' creative process will be supported by an environment that enables them to take time to mend, dream & actualize goals while maintaining a connection with their kin. 
Does this sound like a vision you would like to support? We are currently offering handcrafted & digital products to provide the resources needed to bring this project to life! Do you want to help create a space for artists with children to receive the inspiration that they provide to our communities?
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