We are here to help you cultivate a healthy foundation to build your dreams upon. 
Our mission at Heart Seeds Creative is to inspire lifelong curiosity, discovery, and growth with land-based education, medicine, and artistic practices. We believe that providing opportunities to tap into deep creativity helps us to draw on ancient wisdom, which is vital for building thriving communities. 


















Heart Seeds Creative was founded by Chantal Solomon, a community herbalist & artist whose ancestors arrived in “Beautiful British Columbia” beginning in 1925 via Eastern Turtle Island, Europe & Africa. Chantal shares her passion for plant knowledge through her handmade remedies & workshops for all ages, abilities, and orientations. Her facilitating philosophy is inspired by Metis culture, inquiry-based learning, and Reggio Emilia.


Her creative drive is influenced by her work with plants and by stories of the old ways of her communities, and regenerative practices that celebrate age-old techniques while employing the best of modern technology. Her artwork has been exhibited at the Comox Valley Art Gallery, the Richmond Museum and The Courtenay District Museum & Archives.  




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