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Sword Fern Leggings

The creation of these leggings was inspired by a profound experience of the healing power of Sword Fern (polystichum munitum). Each print in slightly unique in form and placement on the back of the leg, as an intention to receive the plants potent medicine through the appreciation of others. The message that came when I was harvesting the plant for print was: each of us are unique in our imperfections, this is what makes us beautiful. As native to the woods of the Pacific North West, Sword Fern has a long history of medical & practical use. We encourage you to ask around and sit with the plant to learn how it likes to be appreciated.


The print was created with a single sword fern fron's silhouette being cast on to a screen with the magic of light exposure. Then screen printed on to 90% cotton 5% spandex leggings by hand.





Sword Fern Leggings

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