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Stinging Nettle

Nettles are the base of several of my tea blends because they were they herb that helped me decide to study plants for the rest of my life!

Story time rewind, age 16: I broke my leg/ ankle pretty bad, it sucked! I had to learn to walk again 3 times!

By age 19, I started to develop early onset arthritis in my ankle. I gotten the recommended surgery to remove the metal, yet still I creaked, cracked and swelled like an old lady.

By 22 I had developed an interest in herbs but didn't think much of it. One day, I read that nettles were good for treating arthritis just as their season began. I took up the challenge to harvest my own nettles and drink the tea first thing every morning. I stuck to it but only half believed that it actually would help.

Arthritis flare ups can be seasonal and for me it normally improved in the warmer months. Fall, winter passed by, and spring came again. A friend said, "hey the nettles are up" and I burst with joy because I realized that I didn't have any arthritic pain during the colds months we were coming out of. I had completely forgotten about the intention with the nettles and was just going with the motions of my routine.

Not saying nettles cured me all together, that ankle still doesn't like to get cold but it nothing putting on a pair of socks won't fix! Since building that relationship with nettle I have never experienced the symptoms I had prior.

There is something beautifully inevitable in developing a relationship with a plant with the intention to heal🍃

Just a few of the things stinging nettles like to support us with detoxifying the body, improving prostate health, ease seasonal allergies, boost immunity, increase circulation, improve energy & iron levels, manage menstruation, minimize menopausal symptoms, and aid in skin care.

Stinging Nettle

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