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Lungwort Tincture

I harvested this batch of lungwort when I stumbled upon a large amount of it on one of my regular hikes after a large storm. That week I was contacted by several people who were struggling with lung conditions. As you can tell from the name and its appearance of this lichen it is good for several lung conditions. It is a general tonic for respiratory health. It is an expectorant and can be used to treat pneumonia, whooping cough or mild coughs & colds. It is also known to promote lactation and supports kidney function.


Ingredients: Wild harvested Lobaria pulmonaria, organic gin & filtered water.


A dual extract means that I made both a water and alcohol decoctions with the mushroom. In order to utilize the water-soluble & alcohol-soluble properties of the mushroom. I then mix them together to make a tincture with more possibilities of delivering the medicine of the herb or mushroom. You see, different constituents (things in herbs that work with our bodies to heal) are bondable with different carries such as water, alcohol, oil, glycerin or honey.


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This product comes in a recyclable glass container.

Lungwort Tincture

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  • The information provided here is meant to be for educational purposes and does not intend to replace professional medical advice. 

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