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Full Spectrum

Artistry and ferocity come together in  Full Spectrum, inspired by a life-changing encounter with a cougar. After 25 years of fear, the artist has created a series that aims to capture the powerful presence of these magnificent creatures. With their population dwindling around the world, this piece challenges the view that we must harm these animals in order to keep peace in our communities, instead advocating for respect and understanding. As a testament to the beauty and grace of these mispresented animals, sending a powerful message about the importance of coexisting with them in harmony. 


Limited Edition 20.32 x 25.4 cm (8 x 10 inches) print of a acrylic painting & water color screen print on canvas created in 2021 by Chantal Solomon for a solo exhibition called Cast Back & Forth at arc.hive in Victoria BC.  

Full Spectrum

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