Winter Box
Prepare your home with nourishing remedies for this winter by pre-ordering our  Winter Medicine Bundle 🍃Each bundle comes with a mixture of herbal products that were made with organic unrefined oils, organic alcohol and wild-harvested or homegrown plants.  This season bundle includes 7 handcrafted items. 375ml Hawthorn & Rose ElixirRose HoneyA bar of rose soap30ml Dual Extract Lungwort Tincture30ml Ginko Tincture30ml Rosemary TincturePlus choose from one of the following dried herbal teas: Elderflower, Linden flower, Gingko or Lemon BalmTaxes are included in the price. These products come in a recyclable tin or glass containers.The sizes of the salves may vary depending on stock.

Winter Box

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C$25.00yearly/ auto-renew
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