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Hope is an opportunity

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

For what? No one can guarantee that answer but I believe hope is the most beautiful moment in any journey.

That spark of belief that things can improve.

That day that is a little different from any other.

That knowing that you deserve it.

I feel, that invoking hope is a currency that is often overlooked.It's a smile from a stranger. It's a encouragement from a mentor. It's validation from a friend.

What about the the hope that comes without an outside influence?

What about the hope that floats your mind above the negative input of others?

What about the hope that comes from the inner strength in takes to make the decision that "I will change myself"?

I will take a step in the right direction. I will put down this vice. I will take up this new hobby.

For me hope has been encouraged by many things.

The most profound have been my experiences with plant medicine and of course my art practice. In exchange, I am the servant, Queen & clown of all that is the spectrum of them and the spaces between where they meet.The hope from these or any realm may not seem obvious to an outsider. Although these same folks who are strangers to a craft, could be inspired them selves by witnessing the makings, words or presence of someone who was inspired do so.In that moment of curiosity, awe or wonder a new kind of hope could be found.

The possibilities are endless.... . .. .

With this in mind I say HEY!

When that last time you sat down with a pen and asked yourself..

What have you been inspired by recently? What has given you hope? What do you feel called to do? What if you following this inspiration in turn inspires others? What if you could give someone hope?

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