We are now providing seasonal medicine bundles to support your health & help create an opportunity to make herbal medicine more accessible. Each bundle comes with a mixture of herbal products that were made with organic unrefined oils, organic alcohol and wild-harvested or homegrown plants. 


This season bundle includes 8 handcrafted items.

Duel Extract West Coast Reishi Tincture,

Dual Extract Lungwort Tincture,

Calendula Salve,

Muscle Butter Balm,

Lady's Mantle Balm,

Balm of Gilead,

Anti Fungal Salve &

a bag of either Linden tea, Elderflower tea, or our Winter Sunshine Tea (St.John's Wort, Calendula, Rose, Elderflower & Linden)


Taxes are included in the price. 

These products come in a recyclable tin or glass container.

The sizes of the salves may vary depending on stock.


Winter Bundle

Tea Preference
  • The current laws in place that manage natural medicine products have asked me to advise you that the traditional uses and science data that support the healing properties of the plants is to be taken with a grain of salt. The information provided here is meant to be for educational purposes and does not intend to replace professional medical advice.  

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