Muscle Butter

This formula was developed to bring deep relaxation and promote the healing of strained muscles or emotions. It can be used as an everyday massage balm or to treat tense muscles, growing pains or calm someone who is having trouble with sleeping or anxiety.


Ingredients: Organic unrefined olive oil, organic grapeseed oil, organic shaebutter, local beeswax, wild-harvested Artemisia vulgarlis, homegrown Stachys officinalis, Leonurus cardiaca, Arnica & Melissa officinalis


Taxes are inclued in the price.

This product comes in a recyclable tin container.

  • FYI

    The current laws in place that manage natural medicine products have asked me to advise you that the traditional uses and science data that support the healing properties of the plants is to be taken with a grain of salt. The information provided here is meant to be for educational purposes and does not intend to replace professional medical advice.  

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