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Observing Flowers
We offer tools for educators & families that encourage creative & nature-inspired experiences through in-person workshops & digital curriculum. 
Blue and Gray Maximalist Technology Inst

This course contains everything you’ll need to assess whether and how homeschooling can fit into your family’s lifestyle – even if you could never imagine right now how it could be possible. You’ll learn: That schools actually weren’t designed to help students meet their educational goals, and because of this students’ motivation to learn declines rapidly after they enter school & never recover. Whether homeschooling is legal in your area. How you’ll afford to homeschool, even if you work right now. How your child will learn (and what you’ll need to know yourself to support that learning) How homeschooled children turn out (and whether they can get into college).


All this is delivered in ten modules of 2-13 lessons each. Some lessons are material to read; others are audio interviews with homeschooling families or experts. You could complete the reading parts of the course in an hour a day over a couple of weeks, and you can download the audio content to listen to while driving or walking the dog. Because I know you are short of time! Bonus: as part of the course, you gain access to a private support group of parents who are also making this decision for themselves to bounce ideas off and gain support from.


Extra bonus: we have reviewed over 25 books on homeschooling!


Global Guardian Project is made for parents, educators and activists who share a common goal. We want to raise our children to become guardians of our planet, to be inspired and empowered to care for the Earth in a way we adults haven’t. It’s Global Guardian Project’s mission to create learning tools to empower families starting in the home. To help educate children on how to care for the earth. To inspire the entire family to make simple, daily changes that will become positive habits. And to challenge them to become free thinkers and little change makers.


Check out  a plethora of inspiring online courses, e-books and activities.

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